Address anti‐Black racism in all its forms

Build an economy that centers those who have been left behind and excluded in future strategies

Enhance the physical and mental health systems that can support communities and individuals living with the trauma of systemic neglect and oppression

Create housing for all and end unsheltered homelessness.

Ensure access, mobility, and voice for immigrants regardless of status.

Support education access for all children and all communities

Celebrate and support youth leadership and empowerment

Strengthen the non-profit sector as a key part of civil society

Develop both community power and accompanying metrics to hold systems accountable

Promote leadership and alignment for equity across business, community, philanthropy, and multiple levels of government

What does an equitable la look like to you?

please share your very valuable insights as to what you believe an equal Future for ALL LA RESIDENTS means to you

“An Equitable la for me would be a place where i can find a stable income to support my family”

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