In September of 2020, the Committee for Greater LA released the No Going Back LA report. This report called for an analysis of the multifaceted lives of Black people in Los Angeles, led by Black leaders who were well-versed in the facts, figures, and experiences that tell the story of generational discrimination and disinvestment in Black communities throughout Los Angeles County.

 We assembled the Black Experience Action Team to deliver a roadmap to improve the material conditions and outcomes of Black Angelenos and to address the generational inequalities Black communities face.

 Our latest report, The Path to Racial Justice Runs Through Equity: Ending Anti-Black Racism in Los Angeles, is an immediate call to action for legislators, philanthropy, community leaders, business leaders, and other stakeholders to commit to and drive specific recommendations for intersectionality addressing institutional racism. 

 Our collective work is not a report to be shelved but a mandate for action for all Angelenos. 

 Join us in making the #NoGoingBackLA pledge to #InvestinBlackLA and help us build a future where all Black people will have the necessary tools, support, and resources to flourish and a future where all Angelenos prosper together!  

This is a wake-up call to stand in solidarity with one another, value Black lives, treasure immigrant families, declare homelessness unacceptable and more.

The intersectionality of this work is critical. We are all interconnected, and we must move forward together without being limited by current systems or structures.

This is a launching point, a milestone in a much bigger journey: an opportunity to lay out a new way to approach problems in our region: with data as the most important measure of success, without relying on existing structures and funding streams to determine how we solve a problem, and with a focus on racial equity as one of the most important ways to determine what success looks like.

Join us in making a pledge to build a more equitable Los Angeles, and learn how you can help make that promise a reality.